Leanne McMahon on the Brandable Insider Podcast with Keith DeBoer Discussing DNAcademy (Excerpt)

Leanne McMahon joins Keith DeBoer on the Brandable Insider podcast to discuss DNAcademy.com.

This is an interview excerpt. For the full interview, visit: https://www.buzzsprout.com/1114880/7508068-brandable-insider-39-seo-domains-and-dan-sales-with-leanne-mcmahon

And: https://keithdeboer.com/podcast/

== Transcript ==

Keith DeBoer: You said earlier you took the DNAcademy course. Is that right?

Leanne McMahon: Yeah, yeah. I did. That's hard work. That's a comprehensive course, wow!

Keith: Did you take the Accelerator, or did you just took it on your own?

Leanne: I just did the normal one. And I thought going into it I may be done in a couple of weeks. I thought maybe it would be a video series or something like that, and I could just sit with a cup of tea after I've done all my main work for the day and just have an hour or two doing a few lessons. When you get in there and you realize, oh this is an actual -- I mean, it feels like you're doing a degree or something. I thought oh okay, this is going to be full on. So I think it took me maybe six weeks to get through.

Keith: Yeah.

Leanne: But it's just incredible.

Keith: It's so comprehensive and even after you finish, you just go back and back and back again to look things up or to use the tools there.

Leanne: Yeah, well I was on yesterday using a tool and I noticed in the sidebar -- because it goes green for each lesson that you've completed that down the sidebar, which just shows the left sidebar -- and I noticed in there there were a few gray dots and I thought "Oh, I haven't missed a lesson, have I?" And it's just new lessons that have been added. So now I need to go back and do all these new sections and learn some new things. I mean, yeah, how it finds the time for it all I don't know but it's a feat, it's amazing.

Keith: Yeah, Michael is amazing -- Mike Cyger, he just consistently is improving the course and adding more tools and more chapters and more lessons, making it more and more comprehensive. It's really like you say it's like a college level course in domaining. It's really fantastic.

Leanne: It is.

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