– Why do some domainers succeed while others fail?

Why do some domainers succeed while others fail?
-Because they think their domains are much more valuable than the offers they receive.
-Because they don't know how to sell.
-Because theyt don't know when to sell.
-Because they don't know when/what to drop.
-Because they didn't read enough before buying and now have all junk.
-Because they want others to do all the work for them...selling without leads.
-Because they think getting a name in a newsletter will sell their name.
-It won't.
-Because they trust too easily
-Don't pay 100% up front fopr web design work, set milestones.
-Because they only market their names to other domainers.
-Because they think domaining is a get rich quick scheme, its a get rich quick slowly plan.
-Becuase they don't want to put in the time it takes to find real buyers, end users that is.
-Because they associate with the wrong people.
-If you look in low end places for a mate, you will find a low end mate.
-If you go to a fancy restaurant/club, you will meet a higher class mate.
-Because they don't develop, they just sit around waiting for parked revenue to go to 0.
-Develop your high traffic but low earning domains now.
-Because they don't watch enough of my videos. - Snuck that in there.
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